The Powerful Anti-tumor Tea

One of the greatest battles faced in modern medicine is the fight against cancer. Research is constantly ongoing in search of new therapies and treatments for cancer patients. Yet while many people continue to look forward for a remedy, there may also be merit to looking backward. Recent studies have shown that chaga mushroom tea may offer a number of useful properties that, while it may not cure cancer, would be highly beneficial to cancer patients.

The Nature of Cancer

Every day, our body produces thousands of new cells through a variety of processes. Cancer occurs when there is a mutation in a cell that impairs the cell’s function. As this cell continues to grow and divide into a large mass, it becomes a tumor. Benign tumors pose no threat to the rest of the body, but a malignant or cancerous tumor has the potential to invade nearby tissue or infect other parts of the body. This process can impair essential bodily functions, especially when the tumor forms in vital areas such as the liver, lungs or brain.

The Immune System and Cancer

Recent studies have shown that, just like infections, the immune system is a strong force in the fight against cancer. In these studies, it has been shown that the immune system helps to identify and eliminate cancer cells in the body as a natural part of its defense, thus preventing an unknowable number of potential tumors from ever forming. Because of this, we know that tumors only form when the immune system either fails to identify the cancer, or is unable to eliminate it. Unfortunately, a number of modern cancer treatments have side effects that weaken the immune system, making it more difficult for the body to defend itself during these treatments.

How Chaga Tea Can Help Cancer Patients

Chaga tea is neither a cure for cancer, nor a replacement for other cancer treatments. However, this remarkable mushroom offers a number of benefits that are incredibly important for cancer patients, and recent studies show that chaga could potentially help to fight against cancer, especially in its early stages. Although studies are still in the early stages, there is evidence that one of its chief constituents, betulinic acid, and some of its phytosterols can directly eliminate cancer cells; the specific cause of this action is yet unknown. Furthermore, chaga is known to help stimulate immune function, promoting a stronger defense against cancer and helping the body to fight back.

Chaga tea can also benefit cancer patients in another way by helping to limit the uncomfortable side effects of many common cancer treatments. Its immune-building effects are critical for those undergoing cancer treatment that weakens the immune system, thus reducing the likelihood of an infection developing. Chaga mushroom tea can also help to promote healthy digestion, and may ease some of the nausea and lack of appetite resulting from these medications.  Most importantly, chaga tea may even help to prevent the cancer cells from metastasizing, traveling through the bloodstream to start a tumor in another area of the body. Although there is still much research to be done into the full benefits of chaga tea, the potential that has been shown in studies today makes this tea a worthwhile investment for those suffering from cancer.

Additional Information on Chaga Mushroom Tea